Increase Your Sales and Successful Transactions!

You're losing up to 30% or more of your sales transactions due to unnecessary declines and losses. Get more of those back automatically with Increase Billing.

How much of your sales are you losing due to unnecessary declines and losses?

It's Like Printing Free Money...

Rizify's Increase Billing will help increase the number of successful transactions you get, regardless of what payment gateways or platforms you're using. This lets you make more money without changing anything else in your business. Best of all you can get started right away! Watch the video here to get a brief overview, or check out our specific features below to see how you can be essentially printing more money today!

Increase Front-End One Time and Recurring Sales

Our AI can automatically analyze a customer's credit card info at the point of sale in a fraction of a second to help determine the best way to process the payment to increase the likelihood of the sale going through then and in the future. This can boost your one time and recurring payments substantially without any additional effort!

Salvage Declines with Recurring AI Billing

Use our AI to increase your rebill / recurring transactions success rate by automatically not only rebilling them more optimally based upon our algorithms and your data, but also by saving your declines with less charge attempts. Increase Billing can save up to 30% or more of your declines that you were tossing out without ever having to contact the customer! This can greatly reduce the churn rate resulting in your customers being worth more! This is all handled effortlessly in the background. It’s like printing free money!

Dedicated Processing Specialist

In addition to our AI and machine learning, you’ll get a dedicated processing specialist to monitor your processing, spot issues that can be fixed, and ultimately save you money and protect you from losing money unnecessarily! Single recommendations have reduced some types of declines by 99% almost overnight!

Merchant Account Management & Credit Card Backups

Manage multiple merchant accounts at once with a click of a button, spread out or change your processing instantly, and more! Then automatically create safe, secure backups of credit cards so you don't lose out on all future recurring sales if something goes wrong! Our system can also automatically detect processing issues and make the adjustments before you lose out on any money (businesses can lose tens of thousands of dollars or more with errors that they don’t catch for hours or even days or weeks later if at all).


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Increase Front-End Sales

Recurring Billing AI

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Increase Front-End Transactions

Credit card transactions get rejected for any number of reasons. Oftentimes they can get falsely flagged by the issuing bank for anything from being an "unusual" activity of the user to the dollar amount or timing of your transaction attempt.

Different merchant accounts of yours can have better or worse relationships with different issuing banks for credit and debit cards, which can increase or decrease the likelihood of a transaction going through. Even on a day to day basis changes in your reputation can affect the chance of a sale going through, and if you don't monitor for this, you can slowly (or very quickly) have issues with more and more declines. Our AI can help.

Our AI can automatically analyze a customer's credit card info at the point of sale in a fraction of a second to help determine the best way to process the payment to increase the likelihood of the sale not only going through then if it's a one time payment, but also in the future if it's a recurring payment. It's like getting a free conversion boost without doing anything!

It does all this while also creating a safe, immediate backup to ensure that you never lose out on processing your sales now or in the future.

Recurring Billing AI

Having customers automatically pay you each month or at any recurring time interval is great, but anyone that has been processing for a while knows that getting the customers to sign-up for recurring payments is only half the battle!

Even on credit cards and bank accounts with good balances, there are multiple reasons why transactions might fail, which can all impact your churn rate. Recurring transactions can fail for reasons like:

  • Suspicious / unusual activity.
  • Not a high enough balance and/or no funds available.
  • Timing of transaction.
  • And more!

Our Recurring Billing AI feature has already analyzed over a million transactions as a starting base to better judge when, where, and how to process a recurring transaction for you, but it can also adapt to your own data to get more transactions through, whether it be the timing of the attempt, waiting for the balance or funds to be available, etc.. We analyze your existing buyers, your merchant accounts, etc., in the background automatically to determine not only when to process your declined transactions next, but also where to process them to increase the chances of the declines turning into successful sales.

Using this can drastically increase your recurring revenue, as well as save a large amount of declines that you normally wouldn't get back. This can result in a greatly reduced churn rate to make all your customers worth even more! The best part is that with this feature, you don't even pay us anything unless you're making money from us, as we only charge a small percentage of the successful sales, so it's truly risk free for you and only "free" money.

Our system is easy to integrate with, and you can make it so you only use us after your initial attempt failed. So it's literally like getting free money that you wouldn't have gotten anyway!

Manage Multiple Merchant Accounts & Backup Your Credit Card Data

Many businesses have more than one merchant account processing multiple different products, websites / stores, etc.. Many of these accounts will have their own limitations in processing volume, chargeback risks, and more, which are very hard to manage individually.

Our system lets you automatically manage all of them in one convenient area, switch processing around instantly based on any number of factors, and pick which ones are most likely to get you the most successful sales processed in any given time. The difference between a healthy merchant account and a not so healthy one can be a huge chunk of sales, and quite often times unhealthy ones fly under the radar for months if not years, which Increase Billing can monitor in real time to make better, smarter decisions faster.

We also instantly create a safe, secure backup of your credit card data for you so that you can seamlessly switch recurring sales from one merchant account to the next.

If there's ever an issue, you can instantly switch over to a new one, adjust the percentage if you wish, etc.. This is a life saver for those with more than one merchant account, as well as those who do a large amount of recurring revenue and don't want to risk their entire business!

And if you don't have more than one merchant account but think you'd be a good fit for that, we can even help get you new merchant accounts!

Dedicated Processing Specialist

One of the biggest risks businesses face is when they don't monitor their processing or know their numbers.

Sure, when times are good most businesses don't feel like they have to pay much attention to the finer details of their processing, but even in good times, some businesses are losing 30% or more of their potential sales by not seeing hidden issues they have with their processing that our dedicated processing specialists can monitor, spot, and make the appropriate adjustments.

The difference between one merchant account getting a 75% successful charge rate and another at 97% is quite huge and can result in millions of dollars more made without changing anything else!

Not only can our AI help monitor this, alert you to issues, and make necessary adjustments in real time, but our dedicated processing specialists are our human touch that can be an extra set of eyeballs on your accounts. Don't let these hidden oversights cost you tens of thousands to even millions of dollars!

In fact, not only do you get this service included at no extra charge as an Increase Billing customer, but we also offer free consultations where we'll edit your current transactional and processing data to help point out issues we can fix!


Our record

The Recurring Billing AI has increased our successful transactions by over 10%, and that's after we already attempt each one twice ourselves!

I had one client report that they were losing 50% of their sales through declines on their upsell because of a lack of country matching! Something that your service fixes.

Sharon C.

Store Owner

Using your system to manage our merchant accounts was a game changer with how simple it was to use!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you increase our transactions exactly?

A. We have multiple tools that can help with several different ways of increasing your successful transactions. These range from AI to help monitor and improve merchant account health to machine learning to determine when and where to process certain transactions. And that's on top of our dedicated processing specialists that can catch issues and ways to improve your processing right from the get go too!

Q. What if I don't have multiple merchant accounts or accounts in other countries but I still sell there?

A. No worries! We can help set you up with other merchant accounts if needed, all tailored to your business and needs.

Q. What other features do you offer?

A. On top of our normal offerings, we also offer services like chargeback mitigation, brokering merchant accounts, etc.. We often have better rates than others that only do that, even though our normal services will make you a lot more with us ... and we have all the information in one easy to use place for you to see.

Q. Who are you integrated with?

A. We can work with almost anyone you currently process with, including Stripe, NMI,, etc. (just ask), as well as almost any CMS or custom setup you have. You can process through our gateway or your own!

Q. How much does this all cost?

A. It's much more affordable than you'd think, and the best part is that we'll literally be making you money while you use us, so it won't feel like we're an extra expense. Most of our services and features come included in our basic offering where we take a tiny fee per transaction, which can vary based on your monthly volume. However, extra features like our Recurring Billing AI only charge you a percentage of your lost sales, so you're only paying us when we make you substantially more (and we even don't charge you for ones that later refund or turn into a chargeback).

We also offer extra services like chargeback mitigation, extra merchant processing, etc., which can be discussed on a case by case basis. We're often far cheaper than the alternatives, yet we also make you more money by being able to use all our features to process better for you.

Q. How easy are you to integrate with?

A. Super easy! Not only are we here to help you integrate with us, but our integration process is super easy (literally can be as easy as adding a few lines of code in some cases).

Q. How do I get started?

A. You can schedule a free personalized demo and consultation today, and we can get you a customized plan and quote, as well as give you an estimate of how much extra you'd be making with us!

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